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Design & Deliver A KIller Online Course - The Complete Basics offers tips on everything from tech, software, and hardware, to insights on personal creativity and presence. It is written from the premise that when you teach what you know and are inspired to help others with, you open up a WORLD of possibility for a world that is hungry to hear from YOU
The best way to do this is to have your own signature online course where thousands of interested people worldwide can participate, learn, and grow from your knowledge and expertise.

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Empowered Entrepreneur - The 7 Pillars of Success online course will guide you along your entrepreneurial path, all the way from visioning to planning and executing with excellence. The 7 Pillars extracts wisdom and offers practical insights that many experts in the health, wellness, and personal development industry have also used for decades. I believe you will find this course useful as a shortcut through the maze of entrepreneurship.

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Empowered Life - 5 Steps to Creating A Life You Love online course mixes practical steps with the power of grit, perseverance, visioning, and inspiration. The fire inside is always burning, but if we never give it air, it smolders and suffocates. It never really dies; it simply lives as various forms of pain in our soul, mind, and even our physical bodies. This course teaches and integrates 5 logical steps to a successful, inspired life.

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Empowered Relationships - The 5 Essential Ingredients online course explores and unravels the mysteries of human relationships. The essential aspects of harmonious relationships involves the following areas: knowing self, acknowledging and releasing "baggage," learning the art of effective communication, fostering healthy boundaries, and developing intimacy. (Depending on the nature of the relationship, intimacy can mean different things).

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Empowerment Journaling - 6 Techniques for Eliciting Inner Wisdom online course is the love child of my journaling since ten years old, plus life experiences and discoveries from coaching others. Journaling has been my number one tool in assisting clients ever since I began my practice seven years ago. The remarkable phenomenon of eliciting inner wisdom shows up EVERY SINGLE TIME. This course and e-book teach 6 techniques for extracting what you already know inside.

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"Verna takes you into a journey where you are able to meet your blocks to living the life you want to live. Her courses are very structured and her video training is informative and inspiring. She takes you through a process of listening within so that you can dream even bigger. That can be a scary thing, but the support you get from the group around you also helps you to take that step. I would encourage you to participate in one of Verna's courses!"  - Harriet Fagerholm, Helsinki, Finland

"Verna supported me in my business, not just as a coach, but a trainer and consultant, helping me to find ways to promote my business and come up with ideal solutions. She was always by my side, and I found her program extremely beneficial. I'm sure you will benefit from her coaching as well." - Susanna Terry, UK

"Verna has been a light in my life.  She is truly a gift, and I cannot say how grateful I am that we crossed paths.  No matter what may be happening in your life, I say if you are fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to be coached by Verna, then you have been blessed.  Verna, you have made a beautiful impact on me and my life.  Thank you from my heart."  - Rhonda A., Calgary, AB


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