Verna Bowen is an Empowerment Life Coach. She works with those who have a passion for leadership in positive life transformation.

Greetings from Verna: 

Three key truths I have come to witness:

– The quicker we befriend the the storm the sooner we find safe harbors.

– There really is a calm. It lives inside us and is accessible 24/7.

– We are more than capable of rising above seemingly insurmountable obstacles when we learn to navigate with grace, courage, and genuine self-love.

At the core we are a powerful force of creativity, wisdom, and love. We have the answers inside of us. The source from which we came is still the infinite power that operates within us, growing our souls just as it grew our fingernails while we rested in the womb. Nothing is impossible for us when we make up our mind to seek answers from within. When we choose to see our own magnificence, we are capable of living with higher intentions and more success.

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in a charming small community in rural Newfoundland & Labrador and now live in Calgary Alberta. Growing up by the ocean and evergreen forest instilled in me deep appreciation for nature and all living things. Situated a distance from main roads, our property was often graced with animals that assumed an open invitation to freely browse – rabbits, moose, lynx, foxes, and even an occasional black bear.

My Alice In Wonderland backdrop featured the richness of home-grown everything, from fresh produce to self-nurtured talent and creativity. Luxurious living meant a quaint two-story house, seven siblings, kittens, hard work, and steadfast devotion from parents who valued progression over perfection, courage over cowardice, and faith over fear.

My stable physical environment was easy to take for granted as a child. A day outside making mud cakes with my sister, skipping rocks along the calm surface of the bay, or catching little fish for the cat, constituted the ordinary time-lapse between dawn and sunset.

In hindsight, I see clearly how my upbringing shaped my perceptions of reality with dashes of keen insight, determination, passion, and intuition. It revealed my greatest purpose by gently guiding my untamed zest into soulful passion for harmony and well-being – my own and that of others. Here is how:

I came into this world with a relentless longing to seek, understand, and own the elixir of life, and to teach it to others. This is my biggest purpose for being here, but it seems there is a special requirement for the equipping of leadership in such a field. A passionate soul needs to undergo the fire of refinement in order to be of effective service. We cannot fully know how to bring others to harmony and self-empowerment if we have no glimpse into their pain; and the best way to understand pain is to walk a mile in similar shoes.

(thank you for continuing to read! I am happy to offer you four gifts below)

Light-bearing children perceive most everything in their surroundings as delightful, interesting, fascinating, or funny.  While those are charming lenses, seeing life through such filters cannot afford identification with others who do NOT experience the world in this way.

Thankfully, and often to my bewilderment, I was not exempt from pain and suffering. My self-image was often near rock bottom, in fact, during my growing up years and well into adulthood, due to personal childhood trauma (as outlined in my blog post, The Power of Exposing Shame). Despite circumstances, I possessed an innate zeal that was always bursting at the seams, but I kept my light under a blanket of shyness and insecurity for years. At times I let darkness snuff out that light completely. But passion, love, and inspiration are powerful gifts that cannot hide forever. They are our birthright and our responsibility, and even when suppressed, they never really die. They remain the kindling that glows and grows through the challenges, awaiting that moment where opportunity meets preparedness.

I longed to see the Mountains. The grandeur and splendor of the Rockies lured me like spellbound destiny, and my heart leaped with joy the day I headed west on a Via Rail train at age 29. My four-year-old son would grow up in a fascinating new world, exploring the vast open spaces of opportunity I never had, and I would experience firsthand the euphoria of a Rocky Mountain High! And here I am. I am still ecstatic – ecstatic and grateful for ALL mountaintop experiences as well as the pitfalls of valleys that life continues to bring my way.

Mountains and endless prairies are exquisite works of art, but the key to happiness is more about perspective and choice than about our physical surroundings. Our upbringing plays a key role here, and for me it was the rock that spawned my thirst for spreading inspiration.

I discovered that my longing as a child was not all about travelling to faraway places, but about impacting my circle of influence in a bigger way. A gift of expression and bursting inspiration needs room to flourish, and I simply wanted to spread my wings. I still do, and mountain peaks on my horizon are symbolic of that. The thirst is still my purpose and my desire – to inspire, teach, and spread light to the soul of humanity.

It is my sincere desire that you and I will be ever enriched by getting to know each other.  May we find inspiration in All Ways, and may we each be immensely blessed in our one awesome journey called life!

Let us get started.

My GIFTS to you today:

7-Day Gratitude Challenge – Daily Inspiration and exercise

7 Pillars for Unleashing Creative Personal Power – a mini ebook for your ME time

Capsize Mediocrity, UPSIZE Your Life! – The Five Principles – a one-page PDF

45-Minute Coaching Consultation – a personal enrichment session by Skype, Zoom, or in person


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