Science and statistics tell us that only 8% of people achieve the goals they say they want to achieve! Eight percent! That is why we need consistent CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and SUPPORT throughout the year - three benefits of Empowerment Academy.


Clarity of aim, purpose and objective elicits passion and productivity, the basis from which success flows.

Each course in Empowerment Academy has a component of defining CLARITY that generates motivation, that leads to consistent action.

Whether you are mastering online course creation, entrepreneurial empowerment, or life goals, you will have tools and exercises that clarify direct aim, and inspire strategic planning.


Confidence is the cornerstone of your success. Who has ever gone ahead and accomplished a dream without it?

Each course in Empowerment Academy offers tools for deepened and sustained inner strength, in recognition that a truly confident woman is unstoppable. 

Genuine self-confidence shines through our words and actions as integrity, love, and pursuit of excellence in business, life, and relationships. This is the aim of Empowerment Academy.


Supportive community is a vital component in the success of the world's most thriving entrepreneurs, as research by top experts in productivity indicates. 

Each course in Empowerment Academy facilitates growth and learning via collaborative support. The most exciting community feature is our monthly LIVE ONLINE that offers coaching, Q&A, accountability, and sharing. 
Our courses operate on the premise that success is achieved most effectively on the shoulders of community. 

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Meet Verna

Verna Bowen has authored five signature coaching programs, as well as a book, several e-books and workbooks. 

She is an Empowerment Coach to entrepreneurs in the wellness and personal development industry. 

Co-host of an online world summit, Verna has interviewed entrepreneurs worldwide ...


Empowerment Academy


Monthly Courses. COACHING. Community Support.


"Verna takes you into a journey where you are able to meet your blocks to living the life you want to live. Her courses are very structured and her video training is informative and inspiring. She takes you through a process of listening within so that you can dream even bigger. That can be a scary thing, but the support you get from the group around you also helps you to take that step. I would encourage you to participate in one of Verna's courses!" "

Harriet Fagerholm
Coach and Author, Helsinki, Finland

"Verna, you are such a beautiful being, with profound wisdom and intuitive knowledge, not to mention unique coaching skills and empathetic connection beyond the ordinary. I am truly grateful to be in this program."

Malue Wittusrose
International Teacher & Spiritual Healer, Sorø, Denmark

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